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VB Coding Standards - VB.Net 1
As the next version of Visual Basic looms on the horizon, due for release H2, 2001, some fundaments VB coding approaches will have to change to accommodate VB.NET. Here is a number of simple changes which are required for VB.NET, and can be integrated into current versions of VB. One thing is for sure, most of your current programs will not run in VB.NET without some manual intervention, so employing these coding procedures would make the transition easier.

Default Properties:
Object default properties such as Textbox1.Text, Checkbox1.Value and Label1.Caption are currently optional and can be referenced as Textbox1, Checkbox1 and Label1 respectively. These default properties are to be dropped in VB.NET and must therefore be referenced explicitly.

Array Declarations:
Unspecified array element sizes are also to be dropped, so declarations such as:

Dim arrData() As String

will no longer be accepted. Array declarations must include the number of elements, as follows:

Dim arrData(5) As String

This will result in an array with 5 elements, with indexes 0 to 4.

Direct control Referencing:
Calling controls on a form externally, from a BAS module currently works as all controls are Public, but VB.NET requires controls to be declared as Public Shared for this to continue working. Ideally, controls should be referenced through Public Property Get and Let procedures as used in classes.

Sub & Function Declarations:
All parameters passed to procedures must either be ByVal or ByRef explicitly. With VB.NET, ByVal is the default, but parameters must be declared ByRef if the procedure is to change those parameters.

Default Optional Parameters:
Optional parameters in VB.NET will be handled differently. At present, omitted optional parameters can be determined with the IsMissing keyword. However, this keyword is to be dropped and all optional parameters must have default values assigned in the event of omissions.

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