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Utility Upgrade Policy
Upgrade vs Update Policy
The utilities available from PBDR.COM are frequently enhanced with new features, minor improvements and bug fixes. When a new version of a utility is released the version number is changed to reflect the amount of change from the previous version. This version number is split into three parts described below:
  • Major - The Major number is incremented when many extensive new features are added to the product.
  • Minor - The Minor number is incremented when a small amount of minor improvements changes or a series of bug fixes are rolled up for the  product.
  • Release - The Release number is incremented when a rebuild occurs usually to fix a minor bug.

Minor and Release changes are classified as an Update; for example the releases of PBDelta v5.0.1 through v5.1.1 are classed as updates our policy is that updates are always released free of charge. You can download the new version and install it and your existing activation code will automatically unlock the new update.

Major changes are classified as an Upgrade; for example the release from PBDelta v4.x to v5.x. Our Policy for upgrades requires an upgrade fee to be purchased. Existing users can purchase an Upgrade license which rewards existing customers with a discount off the new full product purchase price. When placing an upgrade order please include your existing registration details to assist in the order process.

Note the existing customer reward may only be available for the last version or two of the product (eg PBDelta v1.x customer may not receive a discount on an upgrade to PBDelta v5.x)

Three Months Protection
When you purchase any of the products on PBDR.COM your registration code will activate any updates  to that product for the lifetime of the product. If you purchase a product and a upgrade is released within 3 months of your purchase date you are entitled to a free upgrade to the new product  and you will automatically receive a new code for the new upgrade shortly after the product is released.

PowerBuilder Version Independent
Your license will activate the minor version of the utility irrespective of the PowerBuilder version, so if you purchase PBDelta when you are using PowerBuilder 9 you can download the PowerBuilder 12 version of PBDelta and use it with the same registration code.

Upgrading from a Pack
If you purchase a set of utilities through one of our money saving offers, the license you receive is for the individual products but at a lower price. The same upgrade policy applies to the utilities once you have purchased them. For example if you purchase a utility through a package deal and a new version comes out within 3 months you still get a free upgrade.


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