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PBDelta Version History
V5.3.2 Released 6/25/2010
  • Automatically detect objects generated with only /r and not /r/n for line feeds.
  • Fixed an Issue in the merge where blank line where being added into the ends of the merged scripts.
V5.3.1 Released 9/29/2009
  • Changed Help file to use a CHM.
  • Fixed a bug in the Object Compare Summary, if the arguments to a function had only a data type change and no argument or script changes then the change was not highlighted in the summary.
V5.3.0 Released 7/3/2009
  • Switched Help file to a PDF file to work with Vista.
  • Added the ATL71.dll to the distribution for Vista support.
V5.2.9 Released 1/22/2009
  • Fixed PB11/PB11.2 and PB11.5 Targets.
V5.2.8 Released 12/13/2008
  • Added support for PB11.5 Targets.
V5.2.7 Released 8/24/2008
  • Upgraded Unicode version to PB10.5.2 Build 7699 as I had a few reports of strange abends. This version seems to clear those up.
V5.2.6 Released 3/29/2008
  • Fixed a bug on the object compare window, if a text based tab was brought into focus (eg instance vars) from a list based tab (eg functions) and the mouse scroll wheel was used, a portion of the text display was obscured.
  • Fixed the target processing, the max library list size had defaulted to 3000 characters. Changed the max length back to 32000.
V5.2.5 Released 9/15/2007
  • Fixed a typo in the PB10.5 target list.
  • Added support for PB11 targets.
  • Added a work around to a strange PB Unicode bug when printing reports.
  • Added titles to the reports when printing to show in print control panel.
  • Upgraded Unicode version to PB10.5.1 runtime.
V5.2.4 Released 6/9/2007
  • Added a check to the workspace/target processing to only include targets that exist.
  • Fixed a bug in the source parser, if an object name ended in structure the event control definition was not parsed correctly.
  • Changed the Unicode version back to standard menus. An odd flicker on the toolbars occurred with the new contemporary menus.
  • Fixed a bug in the merge routines. If the command line switch was used for mangled file names then this was not carried through to the merge. Merged objects using mangled file names should now work fine.
  • Enhanced the DW Key Feature of Retrieve to show stored procedures when no select statement.
  • Enhanced the DW Key Features to format the retrieve statement based on the type of retrieve. A manually typed retrieve should be restored to how it was typed, a PBSELECT will be formatted using rules to make it easier to read.
  • Changed the DW Key Features default preference to be switched on.
  • Added a one time check to the startup to ask if the DW Key Features should be enabled.
V5.2.3 Released 2/10/2007
  • Rewrote one of the report creation routines, large objects (1mb+) where taking an excessive amount of time to generate the report. This is now much quicker.
  • Fixed a bug in the object report, the object type was an image and should have been textual.
  • Enhanced the function match routines to include the visibility indicator. If the visibility of a function changes then it will now be highlighted and included in the auto sync text.
V5.2.2 Released 11/11/2006
  • Added a new preference to the PBDelta tab to switch on a confirmation prompt when closing the Compare Summary window.
  • Change the Compare Summary window to check the preference setting and prompt before closing based on the settings.
  • Fixed a bug in the Merge file output routine for the Unicode version, the proper Unicode encoding markers are now also set.
  • Fixed a bug in the batch wizard, if you typed the text for a new dl4 filename it was not accepted until you tabbed from the field.
  • Fixed a bug in the merge routines which was adding extra white space to the output.
  • Enhanced the object parser to better deal with white space.
  • Fixed a bug in the Unicode file routines, the file content was not being written out as Unicode.
  • Fixed a bug in the Copy Text routine, shift click rows sometimes caused an error when rows where copied to the clipboard.
  • Enhanced the auto sync modified lists feature to use the current items as a fall back simple key compare. This will make all renamed functions checking better but particularly global functions with their parameter lists altered, these will now auto sync.
  • Fixed a bug in the batch interface, if the tip of the day window was enabled and PBDelta was run in batch mode the please wait window would give an error.
V5.2.1 Released 9/23/2006
  • Enhanced the Object parser to handle objects where the source has been changed to end function/event definitions with ~r and not the standard ~r~n.
  • Enhanced the DW parser to deal better with edited source lines.
  • Enhanced the DW parser to work with attributes > 20k, PBDelta would previously not show any results, now the first 30k is shown along with a warning.
  • Fixed a bug in the DW parser if there where embedded CRLF at the end of the export description the PB release version label was not located.
  • Fixed a bug in the global structure merge routines. The global structure syntax was not correct and would not import.
  • Fixed a bug in the file selection window, the wrong icon was being displayed for .srs files.

V5.2.0 Released 5/20/2006

  • Enhanced the DW parser to treat embedded ~r~n in values such as they display as ~r~n not a new line character.
  • Updated the Batch Wizard to capture the new Batch report output types of PDF and XML, added PDF as an output type for the log. Added a new field to allow the capture of the new report title value.
  • Added a new property to the batch command, ReportTitle allows you to specify a custom title to appear on the batch reports.
  • Changes to the batch command file requires a new version file loader.The DL4 header is now rev to 520.
  • Fixed a bug in the report viewer window, the saveas menu item was not enabled for the library full and summary report.
  • XML and PDF support is now available in the batch processing, this requires Ghost script to be installed and available on the system path.
  • Fixed a bug in the command line arguments processing, if you used a switch and a default merge file the wrong filename was selected as the default merge filename.
  • Fixed a bug in the merge object generation, the Export header was not written out correctly for Unicode objects.
  • Fixed a bug in the merge object generation, the Export name was not written out correctly for Unicode objects.
  • Fixed a bug in the parser, if comments where added to the forward declaration if would fail to parse.
  • Added a new feature to the File Selection window. The Object/File name is now listed in a separate column. This makes it much easier to check which objects are included in each of the two lists.
  • Added a new preferences to remove the check on drilling down into compared objects where the old/new file is missing.
  • Added a new missing object handler to allow missing old/new files to be compared.
  • Created a new component to perform custom multi row highlighting to all the compare windows to offer copy clipboard.
  • Added Select All and Copy Clipboard menu options to the main object compare window to allow sections of script to be copied to the clipboard.
  • Added support for PB10.5 Targets on the File Selection Tree.
  • Changed the icons in the Unicode version to match the new PB10.5 icon scheme.
  • Changed the menu/toolbar to use the new contemporary look.
  • Added extra checks to the Datawindow parser to deal with blank lines in the syntax.
  • Changed the installer to add the exe.local file to request that windows does not share the PBDelta PB VM Dlls with other processes.

V5.1.1 Released 17/12/2005

  • Fixed a bug in the merge routines, certain events defined as an event type where not getting written to the merge file. The event types are now included. 
  • Added a help topic on Problems and Installation issues.
  • Changed the installation routine for Site License customers to make the self registration work seamlessly. 
  • Changed the PBDelta window control icon to use the 16pixel, hi colour version. 
  • Fixed a bug in the command line processing, if you process a batch command file with a log type of text only then an error occurred when the log was finalised. The results where completing fine. 
  • Fixed a bug in the file selection window. If you dragged a pbl file from the targets list in the tree it had an erroneous prefix causing the selected item to not be included in the selection list. 
  • Fixed a bug in the batch output command processing. If the log type was anything other than TXT PBDelta was using the main batch command output type and not the log setting. The PSR/PRT options now work as they should. 
  • Fixed a bug in the command line processing. If the mdi window in normal mode when using a command line then sometimes it would not appear correctly.

V5.1.0 Released 8/28/2005 

  • Enhanced the File Explorer window so the file size and date time columns now sort using the underlying data type rather than the string version of the column. 
  • Enhanced the DW Key Features, the Visible and Updatable Column lists are now sorted making the diff more readable (also fixed a typo). 
  • Added support for Datawindow Data blocks, these are now shown on their own tab. 
  • Fixed a problem in the column resizing code, if the maximum width exceeds an int (32767) then it would truncate the column. It now checks and shows the maximum available on screen. 
  • Fixed a bug when right clicking on the File Selection Treeview. If nothing was highlighted then an error occurred. 
  • Added a new feature to the PB10 version. The PB10/Unicode version can now read source code from ANSI library files. 
  • Changed the Target Preferences to reflect the new Unicode/Ansi support. 
  • Changed the file selection to show Ansi Targets in the Unicode version.

V5.0.1 Released 4/30/2005 

  • Fixed a bug in the File Compare window, the target files had the incorrect icon. 
  • Fixed a bug in the File Compare, Compare Renamed item failed if the comments where not set. Defaulted the Description of PowerBuilder Target files. 
  • Fixed a bug in the menu parser that failed if you had a subroutine which ended with the name function.

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