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PBBrowse V3.3.1

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PBBrowse is a replacement utility for the Object Browser shipped with the PowerBuilder Development Environment. PBBrowse offers a Powerful browsing environment that allows you to examine objects quickly via an easy to use single window display. You can search multiple applications using powerful text matching functions or browse individual libraries or exported source code.


  • View Application hierarchically in tree format.
  • Application Statistics Report.
  • Browse objects from different versions of PB.
  • Enumerated Types Browser.
  • XREF Uses and Used By window.
  • List Duplicated objects and un-referenced objects.
PBBrowse V3.3.0 features:
  • PB11 support.
  • Added Object browse to the XREF window.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
PBBrowse V3.2.0 features:
  • Unicode version now seamlessly works with Unicode and Ansi files.
  • PB10.5 support and XP look menu/icons.
  • PBBrowse automatically identifies PB Workspaces/targets.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the target handling.
  • Auto browse now works on correct applications.
  • Application browse remembers last PB version/INI.
  • Upgraded the parser to the latest version; support for exceptions, data window key features.
PBBrowse V3.1.0 features:
  • New installer and we recommend you uninstall any previous versions of PBBrowse before installing the new version.
  • Remembers target/app/library selections between sessions
  • Side by side deployment of Ansi/Unicode versions
  • Multi Searches and a new Find in Search results window.
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