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Download PowerBuilder Utilities
Information About Downloads
All of the utilities available for download (on our webhosting server) on this page are written using PowerBuilder and require the PowerBuilder 32bit runtimes, the runtimes are automatically packaged and installed as part of the installer so you do not need to include them in the path.
Installs including the PowerBuilder Virtual Machine (Runtime)
The utilities which include the VM come as  two different installs, Ansi and Unicode. If you are using the Ansi version of PowerBuilder (PB4 through PB9) then download the Ansi version. If you are using PowerBuilder 10, 10.5, 11 or Pocket PowerBuilder 1, 2 then you need the Unicode version.

The Unicode version of the utilities will read Unicode and Ansi files, however the performance of the Unicode version reading the Ansi files is not as quick as the pure Ansi version. The Ansi and Unicode versions can be installed side by side.

PBDelta V6 - see ProDiff PBBrowse V3.3.1
Looking for PBDelta? Please download our new re-branded PBDelta V6 can be found on the ProDiff microsite.
PBDoc V3.2.5 ProDiff V1.2.0
Looking for PBDelta with PB12 & .Net support, try the re-branded PBDelta V6 now known as ProDiff.
PBPaste V3.0.1

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