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PowerBuilder Modules
Title/Description Author Date(m/d/y) PB Doc Ex
Bitwise Operations Simon Harris 5/30/97 5
The object (n_cst_numerical) is a replacement for the pfc_n_cst_numerical object as part of the PFC. It provides methods for bitwise operations such as those found in languages such as C/C++. It has a few new methods such as of_BitwiseXOR() and replaces the functionality of some methods to fix bugs etc.
Browse For Folder Ken Howe 6/5/99 5
This object is used to access the Browse For Folder Dialog in the Win32 API. It allows the user to select a folder from a list of all folders in the file system. Updated by Matthew Royle to work with PowerBuilder V5. Update by Ken Howe to free memory after use.
CD Player Ken Howe 11/13/99 6
This object and sample application show how to interface to the CD player and provide all the usual functions such as play, stop, fast forward, rewind etc.
CRC Calculations Simon Harris 5/30/97 5
This object n_cst_crc provides methods for generating Cyclic-Redundancy-Check (CRC) values on strings.
Create Process Geert Van Damme 3/13/99 5
This object is used for spawning external process. You can check to see if the process is still running, wait until the process is complete or kill the process. 32bit API Only. Updated to work with Windows 98.
Datastore to ListView Converter Ken Howe 6/14/98 5
This object will convert a datastore into a listview control. All listview views can be populated including report. I created this object for use in my source browser PBBrowse.
Datastore Pooling Simon Harris 2/20/99 5
Use this service to perform non-visual database operations such as retrieving results sets from queries, stored procedure calls etc, without coding embedded SQL which can be harder to maintain and less platform independent than DataWindows.
Datawindow Listview Columns Ken Howe 6/16/2001 5
This NVO is used in PBDelta 3 to make the column headings of datawindow controls act like a listview control, with the ability to drag and resize column headers. Similar to a grid datawindow but this works for tabular layouts.
Encryption Object Rik Brooks 12/9/97 5
This object is used to encrypt and decrypt strings. It comes in handy for storing sensitive data in INI files. The algorithm is almost impossible to break as it depends upon a key that you supply. Updated 12/9/97 to fix a few bugs by jim.rasmussen@gsa.gov.
Encryption Object 2 Rik Brooks 12/9/97 6
This object is used to encrypt and decrypt strings. It comes in handy for storing sensitive data in INI files. The algorithm is almost impossible to break as it depends upon a key that you supply.
File Drag and Drop Ken Howe 11/23/97 5
This object is designed to enable controls to have lists of files dragged from an explorer or file manager program and dropped on the control. Depending on the control type the filenames are added to the control. This object is designed to handle multiple controls at the same time. You can register multiple controls on the same window with the service.
List View Memory Ken Howe 08/04/2000 5
This object is designed to save and restore columns widths within List View controls. I designed and used this component in PBDelta 3 so that when you alter the width of the columns on the file selection list view controls, they are restored next time you open the window.
Multi Lingual Service Savvoulidis Iordanis 2/20/2000 6
This is a multilingual service component compatible with the PFC. The object provides a development mode to extract the current language thus making the addition of new languages a breeze. The module then makes your application dynamically multilingual.
Observer Component Simon Harris 1/25/98 5
This component provides standard Observer Notification. You can register objects with the Observer and broadcast messages to all registered objects.
Only Once Loganathan Chettiar 8/29/98 5
This object is used to check if an application is already running and if it is bring it to front and terminate the second application.
Path Create Ken Howe 10/11/02 6
This object has a number of functions for directory handling, but it has a neat function called CreatePath which given a path it will create any missing directories to create the full path. Includes a sample application and help produced by PBDoc.
PC/Mainframe Data Conversion Simon Harris 5/30/97 5
This object is used for conversion between data from a PC (x86) database to a System/370 Mainframe. support is included for converting EBCDIC data to ASCII, converting ASCII data to EBCDIC, converting a zoned number string to decimal number string, and for converting a decimal number string to packed decimal.
PipeLine Service Savvoulidis Iordanis 2/20/2000 6
This object requires the PFC pipeline ancestor and provides an enhanced set of pipeline execution events and functions.
Reference Counting Simon Harris 1/25/98 5
This package provides objects that facilitate reference counting of objects. Reference counting allows an object to be dynamically created and destroyed only when all references to it have been destroyed.
Tag Interpreter Bob Tarling 8/19/2000 5
The TagInterpreter allows a programmer to set the properties of an instance of a visual control by using the painter (window painter or custom object painter). Instead of writing code in the constructor event for each instance of an object to set it's initial values the initials values can be placed in the tag and the code to interpret these values has to be written once only.
Web Toolkit Ken Howe 2/6/2000 5
This object is used for launching web pages from PowerBuilder applications. This object is used in PBDelta to launch the PBDR web site and to launch HTML pages in our documentation tool PBDoc. Now includes a print web page function.
Window Open Service Daria L. Bullock 5/12/97 6
The window service, n_cst_windowmanager, is an autoinstantiated non-visual user object. The service is responsible for opening any type of window. The messageobject.string contains the window name that is dynamically created to determine the window type. Once that is determined than the appropriate OPEN is used to open the window. The messageobject.powerobjectparm contains any parameters (PB object DW, structure, etc.) that are required by the window being opened. The powerobjectparm is used to pass parameters to the window. Requires PFC.
Window Printer Guillaume Pigasse 7/21/02 7
This object interfaces to the Windows Printers and allows you to get and set the default printer as well as list the printers.
WinHelp Toolkit Ken Howe 7/24/99 5
This object is used for calling the win help engine. It provides extra functions for opening the 3 tabbed dialog on the contents page and for opening popup help window for context sensitive help. (Useful for use with the new ? icon).
Word Dialogs Ken Howe 1/30/99 5
This object interfaces to Word through OLE Automation and accesses some of the more useful dialogs that Word provides. The object implements the Spell Checker, Thesaurus, Word Count, File Open and Grammar Check Dialogs.
XML Project Kishori Sharan 28/4/02 7
This object and sample application performs conversions of data windows to XML.

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