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PowerBuilder Examples
Title/Description Author Date(m/d/y) PB Doc Ex
AVI Player Tom Cervenka 1/5/97 5
This is a demonstration of an AVI player implemented in PowerBuilder.
Datawindow Buttons Rene Bajarias 7/9/2000 5
This example shows you how to add buttons to datawindow controls in PowerBuilder 5 with facility for Tabular datawindow layout style.
Datawindow Floating Mask Jack Szczypa 11/16/97 5
Example of how to create a floating mask format on a datawindow object. A great way of showing users what format you want the date entered.
Enum Printers Brian Leslie 3/24/02 7
This library contains a fully functional application that shows how to access the windows API and access the enumeration of printers within the windows OS.
Expression Evaluation Object Rik Brooks 10/5/96 5
This object uses PowerBuilder's evaluate function to evaluate expressions in strings like "(12 + 3) - (16 *(82 + 6))".
Object Documentation Ken Howe 3/27/98 A
This is a set of example object documentation files, object and function level headers. These headers are compatible with PBDoc our documentation tool similar to javadoc.
RAS Dial Arthur Hefti 6/29/97 5
This library contains a fully functional 16Bit and 32 Bit RAS dial component plus a sample window.
System Tray Jurca Bojan 10/31/99 6
This example application is a demonstration of how to add an icon to the system tray and to handle the notifications from the tray to your PowerBuilder window.
Transparent Windows Olivier Citeau 23/3/2003 6
This library contains an example of using the Transparency API, it makes use of the numeric module available from this site, but I have included it in the working example. The API requires 2000 or XP.
Web Download Avron Polakow 5/2/99 6
This is an example of how to asynchronously downloads files from the Web using the inet object and shared objects.

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