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PowerBuilder Components
Welcome to the PowerBuilder Component page, dedicated to giving you cool components to use in your PowerBuilder applications. If you have a component that you would like to share with other developers please send me an email with the details. The components are grouped by functional category and then listed with a short description, name of the author, date last modified, PB version, whether documentation is included and whether an example application is included.
Lots of GUI controls and Cool Windows to spice up your application. Including; Calendars, Gradients, Datawindow Tree, Datawindow 4-way Scroller, Toolbars and Browser Panels to name a few.
Example applications that show a technique or how to use a complex function in PowerBuilder.
Lots of non-visual objects and modules including; Encryption, CRC Calculations, Datastore to Listview, Observer Pattern, PC/Mainframe Data Converter, Web Toolkit, Help Toolkit, XML Project to name a few.
Free OCX controls to add functions and features to your PowerBuilder Application. Starting with an OCX for viewing JPEG and GIF images in PowerBuilder 5 and 6 and a wrapper for the system Rich Text control.

Small Print: These components are all free with source code but please follow these simple rules; You are allowed to use any of this code within your own applications. You are not allowed to redistribute these components as source code for profit in any manner whatsoever without the permission of the author. That means you cannot repost these samples on your web site (although links to this page are fine), you cannot bundle these samples on a CD and sell it without the permission of the author of the source code. Questions?

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