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Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Tips
API Calls
Title V Date(m/d/y)
Wider Dropdown List boxes A 12/6/2003
Mapping a Network Drive A 11/11/2001
Shorten a Path A 7/9/2000
Getting the Windows Temp Directory A 3/26/2000
Add Animation to your Windows A 3/12/2000
Add Hot Key notification to your Window A 1/22/2000
Get the Name of a Network Share A 1/1/2000
Get the Name/Volume of a Drive A 12/3/99
Get the Novell Username 5+ 11/7/99
No Entry Drag and Drop Cursor A 8/28/99
Adding Files to the Recent Documents List 5+ 8/14/99
Hide/Show Desktop and Taskbar A 6/18/99
Overriding Local External Definitions 5+ 5/2/99
32bit DLL Calling Convention A 4/10/99
C/C++ Datatype Conversion A 12/28/98
Two Integers in a Long A 12/24/98
Run an Application Only Once 5+ 8/30/98
Windows Help Tricks A 6/2/98
Convert Long Filenames to Short Filenames A 1/25/98
Windows Shell Standard About A 7/18/97
Registering OCX Components in an EXE 5+ 5/31/97
Get the Windows Directory A 4/3/97
Get the Users Logon ID A 4/3/97
Playing a Sound File A 4/3/97
16bit DLL Calling Convention 6- 4/3/97
Passing a Structure to a DLL A 4/3/97


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