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Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Tips
Welcome to Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Tips. Dedicated to giving useful tips, information and articles for the PowerBuilder development tool. If you have a PowerBuilder tip to share with other developers then please email me the details and I will add it to the site. The articles are broken out into sections and then listed by the date last modified. The V column indicates a PowerBuilder Version and the Date column shows you when the article was last updated.
API Calls
Tips and articles on calling the Windows API from PowerBuilder.
Tips and articles on using your favourite Database, SQL and the Database painter.
Tips and articles on using the Datawindow control, Datawindow object and the datawindow painter.
Development Environment
Tips and articles on using the PowerBuilder Development Environment.
Distributed Computing
Tips and articles on using Distributed PowerBuilder, EA Server   and Distributed Computing techniques.
Tips and articles on Executable creation and deploying your PowerBuilder executables.
Tips and articles on creating and using menus and the menu painter.
Tips and articles on Powerscript and general PowerBuilder Techniques.

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