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Datawindow Buttons
This tip was submitted by Sameer Kulkarni.

The Datawindow in PowerBuilder is a great tool. However, one problem with them is that they do not provide command buttons. Here is a simple trick to have command buttons in datawindows.

Let's assume we have to place a 'Apply' command button: Place a text object reading 'Apply' on the datawindow in design painter. Give 3-D raised border to the object. Make sure the object has some name, say 'apply_t'. Now, write following code in the Clicked event of the datawindow control containing the datawindow object in question:

this.Modify ("apply_t.Border = '5'") // 3-D lowered border

Next, declare a user event for the datawindow control and associate it with Windows event wm_mouseup (i.e., pbm_mouseup). Let's call this event as 'we_mouseup'. Place following code in event we_mouseup:

this.Modify ("apply_t.Border = '6'") // 3-D raised border
IF Pos( this.GetObjectAtPointer(), "apply_t" ) > 0 THEN
// Your processing for command button click goes here.

With this, you can give different colors to the button's background and text too! You can also have custom fonts. To have a PictureButton, use a picture object (say a bmp) in the same way text object is used above. For text on the PictureButton place a text object with transparent background on the top of the picture object.

This trick will work equally well if you want to place colored command buttons on a window; with the only difference that you will have to write the code in a static text control's events.

In case of a grid datawindow, sometimes users are given the facility to sort by a column by clicking on its header. Same trick can be used there for the header's text object to simulate the 'real' buttony effect.


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