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Variable Naming Standards
These are naming standards for standard variables declared within the Powerscript environment. This includes variables declared in dialog windows such as global and instance variables. The object name should be typed using Camel Case. Camel case is a standard used to aid readability in scripts, the first letter of each new word in the variable name should be in upper case. The scope and prefix should always be in lower case. See the examples below:

Syntax Conventions


Scope Qualifiers

Scope Prefix Example
Argument a al_NameId
Global g gs_Name
Instance i ii_Count
Local l ls_Foo
Shared s si_Number

Standard DataType Prefixes

Data Type Prefix Example
Any a la_Raw
Blob blb ablb_Image
Boolean b lb_Exit
Character c lc_Name
Date d ld_BirthDate
DateTime dt ldt_Wreck
Decimal dec ldec_Salary
Double db gdb_OverTime
Integer i li_Count
Long l ll_RowCount
Real r sr_Illusion
String s ls_Bean
Time tm itm_MrWolf
Unsigned Integer ui lui_Handle
Unsigned Long ul gul_Ken

Standard Object DataType Prefixes

Object Type Prefix Example
Application app gapp_PBDelta
ArrayBounds ab lab_Bound
CheckBox cbx icbx_Male
ClassDefinition cldef lcldef_Object
ClassDefinitionObject cldefo lcdefo_ThatObject
CommandButton cb lcb_Cancel
Connection cn lcn_Known
ConnectionInfo cni lcni_ServerInfo
ConnectObject cno scno_ConObj
ContextInformation cxinfo lcxinfo_ObjContext
ContextKeyword cxk lcxk_TheKey
CPlusPlus cpp lcpp_CModule
Datastore ds lds_StockData
Datawindow dw ldw_Employee
DatawindowChild dwc ldwc_States
DragObject drg ldrg_ByTheHair
DrawObject drw ldrw_PaintBrush
DropDownListBox ddlb lddlb_States
DropDownPictureListBox ddplb lddplb_StatesWithFlags
dwObject dwo ldwo_Column
DynamicDescriptionArea dda ldda_Execute
DynamicStagingArea dsa ldsa_MyQuery
EditMask em lem_PhoneNo
EnumerationDefinition enum lenum_Cycle
EnumerationItemDefinition enumi ienumi_Item
Environment env lenv_System
Error err gerr_Snarl
ExtObject exto gexto_Outside
Function_Object fo lfo_Function
Graph gr lgr_Sales
GraphObject gro lgro_Line
GrAxis grx lgrx_Profit
GrDispAttr grda igrda_Value
GroupBox gb igb_Employee
HScrollBar hsb ihsb_Percent
iNet inet linet_Web
InternetResult ir lir_Page
Line li lli_Arrow
ListBox lb llb_States
ListView lv llv_Filenames
ListViewItem lvi llvi_Item
MailFileDescription mfd lmfd_Mail
MailMessage mm lmm_Mail
MailRecipient mr lmr_Mail
MailSession ms lms_Session
MDIClient mdi lmdi_Frame
Menu m lm_Menu
MenuCascade mc lmc_WaterFall
Message msg lmsg_Whisper
MultiLineEdit mle lmle_Text
NonVisualObject nvo lnvo_Invisible
OLEControl oc loc_Bulls
OLECustomControl occ locc_Dial
OLEObject oo loo_Ghost
OLEStorage ostg gostg_WordFile
OLEStream ostm lostm_River
OMControl omc iomc_Temp
OMCustomControl omcc lomcc_Dial
OMEmbeddedControl omec lomec_Micro
OMObject omo iomo_Bob
OMStorage omstg somstg_Drive
OMStream omstm lomstm_Mersey
Oval ov lov_Circle
PBtoCPPObject pb2cpp lpb2cpp_Quad
Picture p lp_Smile
PictureButton pb lpb_Click
PictureListBox plb lplb_Drives
Pipeline pl lpl_OilandGas
Powerobject po lpo_Source
ProfileCall prc lprc_Face
ProfileClass prcl lprcl_Room
ProfileLine prl iprl_Bob
ProfileRoutine prr lprr_Cat
Profiling pr lpr_Outline
RadioButton rb lrb_Male
Rectangle rec irec_Tum
RemoteObject ro iro_Employee
RichTextEdit rte lrte_Script
RoundRectange rr lrr_Lion
ScriptDefinition sdef lsdef_Mycode
Service srv lsrv_Charge
SimpleTypeDefinition std istd_MyType
SingleLineEdit sle lsle_Name
StaticText st lst_Prompt
Structure str lstr_Data
SystemFunctions sf lsf_Bay
Tab tab ltab_Strip
Timing tmg ltmg_Clock
TraceActivityNode tran ltran_Node
TraceBeginEnd trbe ltrbe_Start
TraceError tre ltre_Error
TraceFile trf itrf_TraceFile
TraceGarbageCollect trgc itrgc_Call
TraceLine trln strln_Rope
TraceObject tro ltro_Bob
TraceRoutine trr ltrr_Tiger
TraceSQL trsql ltrsql_MySQL
TraceTree trt ltrt_Birch
TraceTreeError trte ltrte_Err
TraceTreeGarbageCollect trtgc ltrtgc_Trash
TraceTreeLine trtl ltrtl_String
TraceTreeNode trtn ltrtn_Kilt
TraceTreeObject trto ltrto_Trace
TraceTreeRoutine trtr ltrtr_BobGrimmer
TraceTreeUser trtu ltrtu_User
TraceUser tru ltru_Blue
Transaction tr ltr_Trans
Transport tp ltp_Server
Treeview tv ltv_Directory
TreeviewItem tvi ltvi_Node
TypeDefinition typdef ltypdef_Details
UserObject uo luo_Control
VariableCardinalityDefinition vcd lvcd_Type
VariableDefinition vd lvd_Sore
VerticalScrollBar vsb lvsb_Amount
Window w w_PleaseWait
WindowObject wo lwo_WomanElement


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