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Team Development and Special Libraries

Special Libraries

Whenever I am developing a PowerBuilder application I always create two special libraries. These libraries are just regular PBL files but within my projects they have special meaning:

  • Backup.pbl This library is used as a temporary store for any object I am about to make major changes to. Before I start any major work I click on the object in the library painter and copy it to the backup PBL. The backup PBL contains just the last copy and any previously copied versions will be over written.
  • Trash.pbl This library is used as a storage area for objects that are considered no longer required. Never delete an object from the Application always move it to the trash library. You never know when a function or script you have coded could be useful and save you some time redeveloping it.

Team Development

If you want to make a change to an object that's complete and part of the application then make sure you use the check out feature to stop other team members also changing the object and potentially corrupting the object or replacing your changes with their changes.

When we are team developing the same functional area and you need a change making to a team members object, take a copy of the object into your library and make the changes there. Your work library should be first in the library list so you will pick up your version of the object. Then you can tell your team mate you made a change to one of their objects. They can then use PBDelta to check out what changes you made and apply them to their development work. Never make changes to someone else's objects that are still in development.


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