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Object Naming Standards List
For a detailed discussion on these naming standards read the Object Naming Standards Discussion document. The Datawindow Objects also have some suggested modifiers although I do not use them myself.

Standard PowerBuilder Objects Stored in a Library

Class Prefix Example
Application (none) pbdelta
CheckBox cbx cbx_ec
Command Button cb cb_close
Connection cn cn_known
Context Information cxinfo cxinfo_ec
Context Keyword cxk cxk_ic
Custom Visual Object c c_gradient
Datastore ds ds_stockreport
Datawindow Control dw dw_ec
Datawindow Object d d_stockreport
Drop Down List Box ddlb ddlb_states
Drop Down Picture List Box ddplb ddplb_stateswithflags
Dynamic Description Area dda dda_ec
Dynamic Staging Area dsa dsa_ic
Edit Mask em em_phonenumber
Error err err_ec
Function f f_calculatetotal
Graph gr gr_sales
Group Box gb gb_flashing
Horizontal Scroll Bar hsb hsb_ec
Inet in in_ic
Inet Result ir ir_pbdrresults
List Box lb lb_ic
List View lv lv_files
Mail Session ms ms_spencer
Menu m m_ec
Message msg msg_inabottle
Multi Line Edit mle mle_notepad
Non Visual Object nc nc_ec_list
Non Visual Object Autoinstantiate nca nca_string
Ole Control oc oc_bull
Ole Object oo oo_spooky
Ole Storage ostg ostg_ec
Ole Stream ostm ostm_ic
Picture p p_ec
Picture Button pb pb_delta
Picture List Box plb plb_ic
Pipeline Control plc plc_pump
Pipeline Object pl pl_oilandgas
Profiling pr pr_face
Query q q_bigselect
Radio Button rb rb_male
Rich Text Edit rte rte_colourcode
Service srv srv_charge
Single Line Edit sle sle_autoselect
Static Text st st_blink
Structure s s_tallbuilding
Tab tab tab_folder
Timing tmg tmg_clock
Trace Tree trt trt_oak
Transaction tr tr_ec
Transport tp tp_ic
Tree View tv tv_directory
Vertical Scroll Bar vsb vsb_Percentage
Window w w_ic

DataWindow Type Modifiers

Object Source Prefix Example
SQL sq_ d_sql_customer
External ex_ d_ex_input
Stored Procecdure sp_ d_sp_clients

DataWindow Presentation Modifiers

Presentation Style Prefix Example
Composite cm d_sq_cm_orders
Crosstab cr d_ex_cr_summary
Freeform ff d_sp_ff_order_entry
Graph gh d_sp_gh_profits
Grid gr d_sq_gr_excel
Group gp d_ex_gp_customer
Label lb d_sq_lb_mailshot
N-Up nu d_sq_nu_news
OLE 2 ole d_sq_ole_seats
Rich Text rt d_sq_rt_chaseletter
Tabular tb d_sq_tb_numbers


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