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Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Standards
Welcome to Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Standards. This set of articles and tips deals with common standards for developing applications with PowerBuilder as well as best practices for writing faster and more readable code. If you have standards to share with other developers then please email me the details and I will add it to the site. The articles are listed by the date last modified.
Title Date(m/d/y)
Enumerated Data types 11/7/99
PowerBuilder Library Organization 10/24/99
Event Naming Standards 3/13/99
Variable Naming Standards 3/13/99
Datawindow Access Speed 2/7/99
Faster Datawindow Object References 1/29/99
Documentation Standards 1/11/99
Where to Place Common Functions 1/10/99
Object Naming Standards Discussion Document 12/29/98
Object Naming Standards List 12/29/98
A Faster Case Statement 8/22/98
Design Recursive Functions for Speed 2/22/98
Maximum Dropdown Volumes 8/17/97
Toolbar Bitmaps and Icons 8/9/97
Object Variables Should Always be Private 4/27/97
Team Development and Special Libraries 4/19/97
Process Dynamic Arrays Backwards for Speed 4/4/97
Faster Arithmetic 4/4/97

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