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Ken Howe's Operating System Tips
Welcome to Ken Howe's Operating System Tips. This set of articles and tips deals with things you can do with the operating system to improve your productivity as a developer or changes you can make to the OS from your program to make it more integrated with the OS. If you have a tip to share with other developers then please eMail me the details and I will add it to the site. The articles are listed by the date last modified and the OS column informs you which Operating systems the tip will work for. All tips are used at your own risk, especially make sure you backup your registry before using any tips that require you to manually modify registry entries.
Title OS Date(m/d/y)
Office HTML Word Inline Footer n/a 12/30/2006
Different Version Side by Side DLL Deployment 2K/XP 13/09/2005
Open a Browser window for Resolution Testing 9x/NTx 05/04/2003
Using the FOR command to RegSrv32 2K 10/12/2002
Send Directory Listing to the Printer 9x/NT4 3/3/2002
Stopping an NT Shutdown NT4 4/2/2000
Mapping a Drive to a File System Path 9x/NT4 3/18/2000
Command Prompt History/Scrollbar NT4 1/9/2000
Faster Boot for Window 98 98 1/9/2000
Command Prompt Anywhere from Explorer 9x/NT4 11/13/99
Printing a Directory Contents 9x/NT4 9/23/99
Using Wild Cards in NT Command Prompt NT4 9/23/99
Changing My Documents Location (now includes NT) 95/NT4 9/23/99
Keyboard Refresh Rate 95/NT4 7/31/99
Screen Capture 9x/NT4 7/31/99
Adding Entries to the Explorer New Menu 95/NT4 7/4/99
Custom Startup Tips 95/NT4 5/30/99
Enable X Windows Style Mouse NT4 5/9/99
CAPS Lock Notification NT4 5/9/99
Quick ReBoot 95 4/10/99
Change the Font in Explorer 95/NT4 4/10/99
Notepad Save with any Extension 95/NT4 2/26/99
Force a ReBoot From a Blue Screen NT4 2/26/99
Filename Completion NT4 2/20/99
Show Bitmaps in Explorer 98/NT4 2/14/99
Associating Programs, Icons and Descriptions with File Types 95/NT4 2/14/99
Explorer Quick Function Keys 95/NT4 1/29/99
Custom Explorer Start Location 95/NT4 12/26/98
Desktop In The Start Button/System Tray 95/NT4 12/26/98
Send To Menu Items 95/NT4 12/26/98
Shortcuts to Control Panel Tabs 95/NT4 12/24/98
Control Panels on Your Start Menu 95/NT4 12/24/98
Printers on Your Start Menu 95/NT4 12/24/98
Dialup Networking on Your Start Menu 95/NT4 12/24/98

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