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Filename Completion
You may have seen this trick on other operating systems. It allows you to type in a partial filename and press the tab key to have the operating system complete the filename. This is a great time saver especially with long filenames. I frequently used this feature on the old Amiga and the Solaris operating system and always wanted it for the PC. Well its actually build into the NT operating system you just have to know how to enable it!
  1. Backup your Registry
  2. run RegEdit
  3. Locate the following Registry Key
    hkey_current_user/Software/Microsoft/Command Processor/Completion Char
  4. Change the value to 9
  5. Accept the changes and close RegEdit

Now start a new DOS/Command Prompt and give it a whirl! The value of 9 in step four is the key you want to use for the command line completion character ( 9 is tab ).


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