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Desktop In The Start Button/System Tray
If you are like me your desktop have shortcut icons to all your favourite programs. And if you are like me you've always got about ten windows open and can never get to the desktop to use the icons! Well there are two solutions to this problem.

The first is the simplest:

  1. Right click on the Start button and select explore
  2. Locate the Desktop folder and right click and drag it to the Start Menu Folder
  3. Select Create a shortcut here
  4. Rename the folder to Desktop Folder

Now the start menu should contain a folder which when selected will open your desktop icons in a folder. The second solution is my personal favourite. Goto the Microsoft web site and do a search for a powertoys download the file and install the program called DeskMenu. You will now have a small icon in your system tray, clicking on the icon will show you a list of all the programs on the desktop and allow you to select the one you want to run. Another great time saver!


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