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Custom Explorer Start Location
If you are like me you have all of your programming files in one partition or location on the network. At home I have a partition setup with all of my data stored on that partition. It makes it much easier to backup my data. At work my data is all stored in my home directory on the network. When I'm using explorer probably 50% of the time I want to get directly to my data so it would be nice to make explorer open up at my data by default.

Well with shortcuts you can. Create a shortcut and use the following syntax for the command line:


Where C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE points to explorer to your explorer file and the F:\ is replaced with the location where you want to start explorer, at home all of my data is on the F:\ at work I use H:\khowe\ then click next and name the shortcut something meaningful such as Explore Data. A great time saver!


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