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Open a Browser for resolution testing
One of the guys at work showed me this nice tip recently. Normally when testing our web sites we swap our resolutions over to various sizes to make sure everything works on various resolutions. This works great for testing but messes up your desktop icons and makes using other applications difficult. This tip will create a series of shortcuts which open browser windows of the correct size as follows:
  • Create a new shortcut
  • Point to Internet Explorer
  • Call the shortcut 800x600
  • Edit the shortcut properties
  • On the Target go to the end of the command and paste the following:
  • javascript:window.resizeTo(800,572)
  • Your Target should look something like
    • "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" javascript:window.resizeTo(800,572)

You can create other shortcuts for other resolutions:

Resolution Command
800x600 javascript:window.resizeTo(800,572)
1024x768 javascript:window.resizeTo(1024,740)

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