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Visual Basic Links

A few useful Visual Basic Links. If you would like your site added to this list then send me an email with the URL and a short description via the contact page.
General VB Sites
Absolute Visual Basic FAQ Large and frequently updated VB FAQ site.
Adkins Software Design Some cool VB examples and a control for disabling parts of the Windows OS
Agendum Software Some great tools and utilities for Visual Basic and other development tools a like!
Brad's VB-32 programs and samples This site contains unique 32 bit freeware programs and code samples catering to the intermediate and advanced Visual Basic programmer familiar with the Win32 API
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Page A massive site of links to other VB sites, makes this page seem very small in comparison
Common Controls Replacement Project Replacement controls for the standard OS Dialogs. All VB but interesting for PowerBuilder developers as well
Designer Controls A set of controls and examples for Visual Basic. Cool interface to the site too!
Dragon's VB Code Corner 5 modules and 64 code examples
GabitaSoft Source code, more then 2000 links, Forum, Free Visual Basic Script upgrade.
InStep A training company with a good tips section, this site has more article type pages which is better than the usual code snips type sites
Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop Loads of cool VB examples, this site is a must visit
MSDN Tip of the Week Microsoft's VB Tips of the week archive
Planet Source Code Thousands of lines of Visual Basic, vbscript, java, javascript and active server pages code
VB Square Many good VB tips and a weekly VB newsletter
VB Web Site has many articles and some freeware controls and utilities.
Visual Basic Accelerator Great site with many advanced VB Topics and cool controls.
Windows API Guide This site publishes articles and a reference on the Window API and specifically how to call the API from Visual Basic.
Zarr's VB Web Site A collection of code examples, Book reviews and articles.
Innovasys Tool vendor with three Visual Basic tools.
MatrixVB MatrixVB is a COM library of matrix math functions for Microsoft Visual Basic.


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