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Ken Howe's Links

These are my favourite links, most have nothing to do with PowerBuilder. They are here mainly for my own use as a jump point to my favourite pages but make use of them if you want to.
Delta Air Lines Check out your Airmiles and their prices, I like to fly Delta.
Genie Travel Services I've booked a number of tickets with these people and always got a good price and good service.
New Amiga Links All the latest Amiga Links.
Vaporware Nice Amiga Internet software site.
General Info
BT Phone Directory Biritsh Telecom UK Phone Directory
Yahoo! Maps Classic Map site, type in the address and up pops the map.
Search Engines
AltaVista The search engine I use the second most
Excite I use this one a bit more than the ones above
Google The search engine I use the most
Lycos Like above really
SearchUK The UK search engine I use the most
WebCrawler Like above really
Yahoo! The most popular and well recognised
Web Site Management
InterNIC Register your domain name here!
Matt's Script Archive Some great cgi script examples
NorthStar Solutions I use this company to handle my internet and phone based order processing
Web2010 I use these people to host this site and have had good service and no problems so far
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript Get yer java script here
eto's JavaScript page Couple of fadein/out scripts
Web Graphic Sites
Clip Art Connection Good Graphics Site
EveryThing Icon Great Graphics Site
Glen's Mostly Met Page Some great weather images
WDVL: Images_and_Icons Lots of links to great Images sites
Information About HTML Some good HTML Links
PC Software Sites
32bit.com Large Software site with reviews and top 10 downloads
McAfee Makes the anti-virus software that I use on my PC
NONAGS Great site full of software with NONAGS
Screen Savers From A-Z By Rat Loaf Loads of screen savers for the PC
Windows95 Annoyances A list of all thats annoying about Win 95 and ways around it
Windows95.com Great files and information, latest drivers
WinSite(tm) Archive Large software download site
PC Hardware
Memory Plus Home Page Ordered memory from these guys on a few occasions, good prices and service.
ONSALE Auctions of Computers, Peripherals, and Consumer Electronics
Gateway 2000 USA Gateway makers of my PC
PC Games
Happy Puppy's Reviews, Downloads and general gaming info


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