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Development Links

If you want a link added to your Development/Programming related site then send me an email with the URL and a short one line description.
Allen Holub's UML Quick Reference Very nice UML quick reference
Data & Object Factory This training vendor has a good reference section with all the popular design patterns, with UML diagrams and descriptions.
Embarcadero Crib Sheet The nice guys at Embarcadero have a downloadable UML crib sheet
Modeling Stlye Great Site full of tips on using UML with examples showing style.
Lutz Roeder's  few nice utilities including the nice Reflector tool for browsing the .NET Framework classes
DameWare Development ActiveX Components and Development Utilities
Data Dynamic's ActiveX Components
Imagine Software Solutions OCX and VBX Controls
JAZZAge Software ActiveX Factory
Math Point Math Point specialize in professional numerical libraries for Visual Basic and J++
 Text Control TX Text Control is a text processing control, that can be dropped into Visual Basic and Delphi, to enable developers to add advanced word processing features to their applications
Visual Components Sybase's Component Company, OCX Components including dbComplete, Formula One and Visual Speller
Database Vendors
Informix Informix Database Vendor
Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Vendor
Paradigma Software Valentina - Object Relational SQL Database
Sequiter Software Inc. CodeBase 6 Database Engine for Programmers
Sybase, Inc. Sybase Database Vendor
Database Related
SQL Server Performance Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips
Graphics Related
Axialis Excellent Icon editor
Free Images A good collection of free photograph images.
Iconolog Massive Icon Site great source of icons and toolbar images
Jasc, Inc. Home of the makers of Paintshop Pro a great graphics editing package
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials Many tutorials on creating cool graphics with Paintshop Pro
Symbols.com A vast collection of symbols and their meaning/uses in design.
Help File Creation
Blue Sky Software Authors of Robo Help
Eon Solutions EasyHelp/Web
HSG Software Solutions Home of HelpMatic PRO a tool for creating Help Files, I use it for my utilities
Publications and Whitepapers
Designing Reusable Classes Good tips on designing reusable classes, 13 rules of designing a reusable class
Dr. Dobb's Home of Dr Dobb's Developers Journal
EckelOBJECTives Author of the great thinking in C++ and Java books. These books are great and well worth every penny (or cent!)
Sites of Links
CodeCranker CodeCranker.com is a Search Engine for programmer's
NG's Reuse Links List of links about reuse
ProgrammersHeaven Links, Links, links and more links, oh did I mention links!
Dependency Walker Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules.
HJSplit A free installation program for 95/NT
Inner-Smile.com Home of the INF-Tool Installer Generator, I use this to install all my utilities
Microsoft Web Developer Accessories This link has a little plug in tool for IE, it installs a menu item which generates a browseable tree of all DOM for the current web page, handy for finding those unusual settings/bugs.
The Programmer's File Format Collection This site features details on most of the popular file formats. A great resource!
PInvoke.NET PINVOKE.NET attempts to address the difficulty of calling Win32 or other unmanaged APIs in managed code
Programmers Vault Dr. Dobbs Programmers Vault, here you will find Programming information, downloads, hints and tips and more
Rational Software Corp Authors of Rational Rose Modeling Software
Riverton Software Makes of the HOW modeling tool
Sys Internals An excellent site dedicated to system internals. This site has some great system level utilities which can sometimes be your only hope when trying to track down a knotty OS problem!
ToadSoft Toad - Tool for Oracle Application Developers
WinWare Inc. ATRAX the Web Publisher and Visual Help
Development Aids
Bazman's Testing Pages A collection of standards for testing applications
How To Write Unmaintainable Code A classic article on all the tricks of the trade to writing complete un-maintainable code!
Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar This is a great tool for any web developer, its a bit like WinSpy++ for IE and every web developer should have it!
Microsoft Web Application Stress Testing Tool Microsoft Web Application Stress is a simulation tool that is designed to realistically reproduce multiple browsers requesting pages from a web application
Operating Systems
NTSecrets.com A site full of articles, tips and shareware for Windows NT
Windows API Guide This site publishes articles and a reference on the Window API and specifically how to call the API from Visual Basic


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