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Ken Howe's GUI Standards
Welcome to Ken Howe's Graphical User Interface Standards. This set of articles and tips deals with standards you should follow when designing user interfaces for your application. The articles are listed by date last modified and the OS column informs you if this standard is a general standard for all operating systems or if it is specific to a certain operating system. If you have a tip or article to share with other developers then please eMail me the details and I will add it to the site.
Title OS Date(m/d/y)
Title Bars and Icons All 5/27/2001
Keyboard Control All 12/4/99
Size is Everything All 8/1/99
Field Prompts All 7/11/99
Visual Cues All 4/10/99
Practical Use of Colour Win 3/7/99
About Ken Howe's GUI Standards N/A 3/7/99

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