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Welcome to PBDR.COM! What follows is a history about the site followed a guide to getting the most out of PBDR.COM.
In January 1996 I purchased my first PC for the home and spent many hours surfing the net looking for a great place to find tips and tricks about PowerBuilder.

At that time PowerBuilder Sites were few and far between and the one's that where any good where infrequently updated. So I purchased a couple of Net magazines, and using notepad I crafted the first revision of my web site which I published on CompuServe in March of 1996. Back then the site was known as Lightning Tips but about two weeks later the site was renamed to Ken Howe's PowerBuilder Tips.

The site received 800 hits in its first month and I was pleased. The site now regularly receives over 9,000 hits per month, so I'm now very pleased.

About one Year later a friend of mine named Brian Suter was planning on starting his own web site so we decided to pool our resources and set up our own domain name. After much deliberation PBDR.COM was born. Since its inception the web site has been through 6 major overhauls, each time to accommodate more and more information.
A Guide to PBDR.COM
There is a lot of information on PBDR.COM, over 250 pages at the last count so you will need to know how to navigate to all the information. The best way to navigate the site depends on how regularly you visit. Below is a guide to using the site based on frequency of visits.
  • I visit frequently. If you visit PBDR.COM every week or so then you can take advantage of the front page what's new links. These links show the last two updates that have happened to PBDR. Clicking the link will take you to the index page for that article or resource. From each index page the links are sorted by date last updated to the new articles will appear at the top of the page. Just click on the article that you have not read yet.
  • I visit every month or two. If you visit PBDR.COM every month or two then the front page what's new will probably have rolled off some of the changes. Your best bet is to click on the What's New item from the navigation menu. This gives you a high level view of all the changes over the past 3 to 6 months. The PBDR history page also shows what components and utilities have been added or updated.
  • I have never visited before. If you have never visited PBDR.COM before then welcome to one of the largest PowerBuilder sites in the world. Your best bet is to set aside an hour or more and start just start at the top. Click on each of the major sections from the navigation bar and then follow the links presented. You can use the browsers back button to take you back to the menu, or you can just click the same navigation bar for the section you are currently reading. Once you've seen all you want to see, then you can use one of the previously described methods when you next visit PBDR.COM.

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