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About Jaz Lichy

Picture of Jaz Lichy
Picture of Jaz Lichy

My interest in computers began back in 1980 when my father, a Computer Science teacher, brought home a big box with a multi-coloured apple on the front. So at an early age I remember seeing simple BASIC programming code.

Then in 1988, I started working for Unilever Research Labs, in an IT support role providing hardware maintenance in an image analysis department. Being in a research environment people were trying out all kinds of strange experiments, and I found myself interfacing unusual bits of kit to PCs and coding up instrumentation control applications in packages like MS QuickBasic.

Gradually, I moved over to software development from hardware support and remained an ardent DOS programmer until the popularity of Windows forced me to start coding in Visual Basic 3.

In 1993, I moved to a marketing department in the business wing of Unilever,  as analyst/programmer, writing financial modeling & forecasting systems and database orientated applications crunching Unilever's global sales data. I worked on several major projects involving  Visual Basic 4/5, VBA, Oracle Sales Analyser and Oracle PCExpress 5.1. 

In March 1999, I started working for a company called EASAMS, part of GEC, in Warrington as a programmer/analyst, working with Visual Basic 6, Visual InterDev 6, Active Server Pages, Internet Information Server 3 & SQL Server 6.5/7.


Away from work I'm a dedicated audiophile and love collecting and listening to high-end hi-fi equipment. Along a similar line, I have my PC configured with 2 operating systems, one for development and one as a digital pro-recording studio with outboard Roland midi sample and FX units.

I enjoy working out at the gym, mountain-biking and skiing, which I find requires regular helpings of Chinese, Indian and Italian food in an attempt to avoid becoming too healthy.


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